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An eight-foot cannon was raised today from the wreck of the Queen Anne’s Revenge.   The large gun has been resting at the bottom of Beaufort Inlet since Blackbeard’s flagship, the Queen Anne’s Revenge, wrecked off North Carolina’s coast in 1718.    To see a tweet by tweet description of the raising, go to www.twitter.com/ncculture.

The approximately one-ton cannon has generated much interest.  A man visiting from Wisconsin told Cultural Resources Secretary Linda Carlisle that he came to Beaufort just to see the cannon.  Media from around the world follow the story of the QAR project as well. 

The cannon, one of 13 to be raised from the wreck over the years, is encased in concretion, a solid mass of mineral deposits that must be removed, along with the soluble salts in the metal, to make the object stable to be studied, handled and displayed.

The cannon will be transported Thursday to the Queen Anne’s Revenge Conservation Lab, housed at ECU’s West Research Campus. The lab is a joint venture between the university and the N.C. Department of Cultural Resources.

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