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The aftermath of a 1915 snowstorm in Raleigh. Image from the N.C. Museum of History

The aftermath of a 1915 snowstorm in Raleigh. Image from the N.C. Museum of History

Though the weather outside certainly is frightful, we’ve got some great online resources for you to explore to keep your mood delightful. Here are four suggestions:

  1. Our This Day in N.C. History Project tells some of most interesting (and bizarre) tales from our state’s past – from Earl Scurggs to the original Siamese Twins, there’s a story for everyone. And if you’re more of a visual person, our This Day Pinterest board tells those stories in images
  2.  NCpedia’s awesome collection of articles on weather
  3. Great historical footage from the State Archives on YouTube dating from the 1930s to the 1960s. Videos range from Terry Sanford speaking on civil rights to more than two hours of black-and-white footage from Durham
  4. Photos of the snow through the ages. You can see some from the State Archives here and from our other historic sites and museums here (search: snow)

Enjoy the weather, and stay warm!

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2013 Swearing InSaturday morning, the Curtis Bible was used to swear in Governor Pat McCrory’s eight new cabinet secretaries. The Bible, which is in the permanent collection of the State Archives, has quite an interesting story behind it. In fact, it is believed to have saved its namesake’s life.

A native of Caldwell County, Burton McKinley Curtis enlisted in the Army shortly after the U.S. entry into World War I. Assigned as a cook with 113th Field Artillery Regiment, Curtis was sent to Europe less than a month after his enlistment. Curtis’s unit took heavy fire during an assault on German forces as part of the Battle of Saint-Mihiel near Verdun, France, and the Bible reportedly saved Curtis’s life by absorbing the impact of a bullet or shrapnel. The damage to the Bible that resulted from the hit is still evident today.

Curtis BibleAfter receiving an honorable discharge in 1919, Curtis returned to North Carolina and worked as a bailer at a cotton mill. He donated the pocket-sized, war-worn New Testament to the Hall of History (now the N.C. Museum of History) on November 16, 1920. The Bible was eventually transferred to the Archives because it is a document. This piece of North Carolina history was selected for the ceremony by Governor McCrory’s inaugural committee.

The governor provided a commemorative bible to each of his new cabinet secretaries. Some also chose to bring a family bible. The Curtis Bible resided on the the rostrum in front of Justice Paul Newby, who administered the oath.

You can see a list of North Carolina here.

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We’re so proud of the military veterans in Cultural Resources family for their unselfish service to country. We owe a debt of gratitude to them for their willingness to respond to the call of country.

Veterans Day reminds each of us of the respect we should display for out veterans and their family members. Due to their sacrifice and the sacrifice of their family members, our nation has remained strong and continues to serve as a beacon of hope in stormy world.

As we commemorate Veterans Day in North Carolina and throughout the nation, join us in extending our appreciation to our proud veterans. We are honored to have them as members of the DCR family.

Veterans Currently on the Cultural Resources Staff

Lawrence Abbott

Andrew Acasio Donnell Adams

Larry Autry

Kim Bennett

Daniel Blakemore

John Bowlby

Terry Bragg

Stewart Braunagel

David Brook

Mark Cooney

Sean Creamer

Kent Cudney

Paul Dasinger

Thomas Dawson

Lisa Doepker

Leroy Dupree

Mandy Eaton

Michael Faucette

Peggie Fields

Terrell Finley

Lynn Ford

Jay Frantz

James Fredrickson

William Garrett

Cynthia Gates

Terrence Greene

Albert Hargrove

Steven Harvey

Frances Hayden

Robert Hopkins

Daniel Howard

Mark Huntelman

Marilyn Johns

Marvin Johnson

William B. Jones

William W. Jones

Kevin Kelly

Robert Knight

Terry Kuhn

Mark Leach

Denis lemay

Jerry Lindsey

Steven Loibl

Paul Luckham

Eric Moser

Anne Murtha

Stephen Nicholson

Robert Pedus

Jackie Perry

Gary Piatak

Joseph Porter

Danny Powell

Glenn Reynolds

Tomas Rhodes

Ronnie Robinson

Edward Sheffield

Young Sheffield

Howard Smith

Kent Snyder

Michael Southern

Barry Starnes

James Steele

Otis Sykes

Donald Taylor

William Thomas

Christopher Vargo

Dennis Weller

Claude Wood

Sharita Wright

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