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The arts are the reason why our communities are robust and our cities are vibrant. That was the message Cultural Resources Secretary Susan Kluttz delivered to arts advocates when she met with them in May.

The secretary’s speech was part of Arts Day 2014, a two-day conference and legislative action session organized by Arts North Carolina, a statewide group that advocates the importance of arts. In her speech, Secretary Kluttz shared how she personally witnessed the inherent and economic value of the arts in Salisbury every day when she served as mayor for 16 years.

She urged arts boosters to remember the educational and economic value of arts as they talked with legislators about their programs, and to be proud that work by arts organizations reach reaches all of North Carolina’s 100 counties. That’s something that we should all celebrate, she said.

Governor Pat McCrory spoke to the arts advocates through a recorded video message that is now available online. For more on Arts North Carolina, please visit the organization’s website.

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