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When Cultural Resources Sec. Susan Kluttz took office last May, one of the three things Gov. Pat McCrory tasked her with was beautifying the state’s transportation infrastructure. To that end, the secretary and DCR staff have been partnering with DOT staff during the past year to build a vision for a public-private “Art That Moves You” program that will highlight the best of state’s arts and culture and integrate it with the transportation infrastructure we all use every day.

Though the details of the program’s first projects are still being finalized, the overall goal is to promote tourism through the use of creative landscaping, artwork and lighting; continuing the legacy of  transportation beautification that began with First Lady Dottie Martin’s efforts in the 1980s. Local communities will also have a say in the design aesthetic from the beginning of projects to potentially personalize a bridge or walkway, for example, with a design ‘stamp’ or be able to utilize local stone or materials.

A couple weeks back, Sec. Kluttz sat down with Capital Tonight’s Tim Boyum to discuss this initiative. A major announcement will be made on this project at an upcoming big event coming to North Carolina. Details to follow. The segment with Sec. Kluttz starts at the 16:40 mark.

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